Recently, ReservoAir partnered with UNA Architecture to exhibit Pore Block Paving, a water-conserving Paving Block, at Bintaro Design District 2023.

ReservoAir exhibited Pore Block

Bintaro Design District (BDD) hosts an annual event focusing on architecture, graphic design, interior design, product design and other creative fields.

This year’s theme is “Envisioning Nature”, meaning all the installations will reflect on sustainability development.

ReservoAir highlighted the Water Crisis and Conservation importance by unveiling their key product, PoreBlock. Partnering with UNA Architecture, they designed a facade resembling rain-filled hands to showcase PoreBlock’s ability to absorb water 100x faster than regular paving blocks through an artificial rain exhibit.

Why is The Pore Blocks Installation Important?

Currently, the use of groundwater in Indonesia is still high despite its increasing scarcity.

Groundwater reliance remains high in urban areas like DKI Jakarta and Bandung due to insufficient surface water. In fact, 80% of drinking water and household needs depend on groundwater, which has increased over the years.

Alas, the exploitation of groundwater by industries and businesses in urban areas has not been accompanied by efforts to replenish the water sources, resulting in a continuous decline in groundwater reserves.

This installation featured our solution, PoreBlock. It is a porous paving block that infiltrates water 100 times faster than standard blocks. (see the video here). Hence the use of PoreBlock on pedestrians, parking lots, or other land, can be integrated with infiltration wells, or rainwater harvesting installment which allows us to replenish our groundwater source or utilize the rainwater as alternative water sources, and to reduce urban heat island.

Talk Show on Water Conservation

Later on the first weekend of the event, November 12th, ReservoAir also held a talk show to talk about water conservation, by inviting Ar. Werryson Wijaya, IAI., Kamil Muhammad, and Rizki Lazuardi. The talk show went splendidly, with the drizzling weather adding to the solemnity.

Ar. Werryson Wijaya, IAI., a design associate from UNA Architecture, represents the architectural perspective concerning water conservation. He stated that a bare minimum step in water conservation can actually be credited for green-building specifications.

In this opportunity, the director of pppooolll, Kamil Muhammad, also shares his experience in building the “Upside-down Umbrella ” as a rainwater harvesting system at several locations in Bandung.

Rizki Lazuardi as a curator and co-founder of Indeks, also shares his artistic point of view regarding water, and how it shapes the environment and the community of people living around it. He also brought up the case of flood in Banjarmasin as an example.

Thank you to our sponsor for contributing in spreading awareness about this water issue: Asian Paint, Trisigma, LeGrand Architechture, PT. Tripta Karya Konsultindo, CV Ciesma, Alta Integra, ReservoAir, and PT. Cipta Sukses.

If you want to learn more about water conservation; the urgency, and your part of contribution to the cause, you can reach us on our website and social media; Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s converse water, let’s protect Earth!

Writer: Dea Wulandari

Editor : Putra Tangguh Wisnuaji

Contact Person: Syanne (+62 811-2094-117)